I see black

It was all Black. Nothing new with that. As she stayed awake, attempting to open her eyes, there was a burning sensation that sent tiny rivulets of water streaming down her cheeks. As she gingerly felt her eyes, her fingers dancing ever so lightly against swollen eyelids, she felt hope stir within her and die down instantly as she recalled all the other times before when she had had the same deja vu feeling.

She felt a hand land on her shoulder with a gentle thud and the weight of the hand led her to believe it was none other than Mr. Pearson. “It’s okay, child” he said gently, and she could sense the mild worry in his voice.

“Come on, try and open your eyes, Sarah” said Dr Bryson. She knew he was standing right in front of her and could sense his impatience. Dr Bryson had always been curt with her; but she didn’t blame him – it was just the way he was, with everyone.

And as her eyes opened, she felt a movement and she knew Mr. Pearson had moved to stand in front of her. Her eyes remained blank and blinked rapidly in succession, even as his features slowly came into focus. As his face finally appeared to her in one piece, blurry but ever so dear, she saw him shake his head in disappointment at Dr Bryson.

“Dad?”she asked, the smile on her face lighting up the hospital room as Mr. Pearson did a double take, his eyes now silently tearing up.

You need the darkness to appreciate the light. Tough times don’t last, tough people however do. Love and light to everyone.

Piece inspired by – Space Bound



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