Short story: Microlove


Sam was lost. He’d lost the only friend he’d ever had. He wanted to scream at the world and every time he lost his temper, he sank into a deeper depression.

Tony had stopped talking. He spent all days shut in his room, answering to no one and avoiding eye contact with anyone who tried to talk with him.

Pia had been caught smoking in school and Mrs Doherty had asked to meet Sarah to discuss Pia’s falling grades.

Sarah smiled a strained smile that she thought hid her true feelings. She didn’t know Brian heard her sobbing each night with the bathroom door closed behind her.

Brian blamed himself and his self-hatred only grew each time he heard Sarah’s gut wrenching sobs.

Tim’s ghost watched and silently, mournfully absorbed all the changes in his home and family. He had overdosed and died, but they were dying silently each day.

We’re all in the same hell, only fighting different demons. Adopt the concept of #microlove. Small acts of kindness to show you care. Because it matters. It really does.

Song Inspiration: Pray for me brother


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